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Sports Performance Mastering

"Catheleyne is a sharp and effective coach who focuses on achieving concrete, solid results with her clients through clear strategies and practical tools that she provides. 
I was allowed to play in the National Women's Golf Team for five years and I became Dutch Champion twice. Nevertheless, in recent years I have struggled to finish a match.
I often used my own mindset method, but I still missed that point on the "i" to win regular competitions and important majors. I received tips from several coaches, of which I only use some, but I didn't learn that missing point on the "i" from any coach. Until I came across Catheleyne and she gave me a number of very valuable and especially practically applicable tips/tools within 1 session. They came to me immediately. I immediately applied them fully to the two important competitions in the following weeks.
And “bang": both games I played incredibly well and I won the games big. I am very grateful to her for her coaching and can recommend every top athlete to start a coaching process with her.”


D. Boon - 2x Dutch National Champion and Former Player Dutch National Ladies Team



"We were very pleased with your performance and look back on a very successful client event."

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-04 om 12.45.43.

Head of Global Demand Generation

Business Meeting

Executive Performance Mastering

“In a short period of time Catheleyne fully changed my beliefs about what is possible in this world. She made a very positive impact; both on my professional and personal life.”


Managing Director Dutch Private Equity Fund


Sports Performance Mastering

" Becoming mentally strong and reaching peak performance that easy, has been the greatest contribution Catheleyne has helped me with. I will continue working with her now I started my international tennis career."


National Player Team NL



Lecture on "Unlock your potential: making the mindset shift"

" Very insightful with clear and practical take-aways."

"Glad that I joined. Finally a knowledgeable lecture on growth and fixed mindset."

"Insightful and a must for everyone to be aware of this"

"People will be happy and healthy when they would learn these things. Thank you, Catheleyne."


Attendees Women in Finance 2021

Sad on Couch

Personal Performance Mastering

"I have been dealing for my entire life with anxiety disorders and depression. I have been on severe antidepressants for over 30 years. It has affected every part of my life: my relationship with my husband and children, my friends, my daily life, my health. Now, I have no words for what Catheleyne has done. Immediately from the start, she understood me, why the problems I was facing, why I was on medication. She never judges, she just looks at the science and how to solve it and she did. I am now free of any medication. I have faith in myself and in life, I am not scared, I feel so positive and energised, I ... I am finally me. I write this with tears of gratitude and wish the world could benefit from your approach. You are a blessing."



Doctor in Hospital Corridor

Business Mastering

"As a general practitioner, I wanted to make a career shift to coaching. Catheleyne has not only successfully coached me to make the career shift mentally happen, but also physically (marketing and sales). All within a very short period of time!! Thank you!"



Business Meeting

Executive Performance Mastering

"Having hit a crossroads in both my personal and professional life, I decided to consult with Catheleyne. Her energy and positive outlook on life are infectious and have greatly helped me in breaking old, bad routines, and building a new outlook, helping me to become my best self."


Marketing Director

Field Hockey in Action

Sports Performance Mastering

“Catheleyne is a unique coach. She is straight forward, makes a direct connection with the problem, and helped me apply the strategies to make the necessary change. And, she is also great human being! 
I am a Dutch field hockey player and play in the National Hockey Team. Being in the national team came with a lot of mental challenges (insecurity, not performing, physical challenges at a certain point, etc.), that I was not able to solve with the coaches offered to me. The strategies they offered didn’t help me and I felt very much alone with my problems. Catheleyne came on my path and every day I feel so grateful for what she has done for me. Giving me insight in how to train my brain for peak performance and results. And, they work! I now not only feel so much better, which helps in my game, but I noticed I am now happier, performing, balanced…Any athlete should get these insights and strategies in order to really perform.”


Dutch National Field Hockey Player Ladies Team



"A different and refreshing view on diversity inclusion and so true the insights she shared. Great inspiration!"


Senior Manager EMEA Palo Alto Networks



"Just off the session,  I must admit absolutely amazing learning experience and a lot of take-away’s both professionally and personally.
Big recommendation for everyone!"


VP Biz Dev Genpact

Business Meeting

Executive Performance Mastering

"I was truly unhappy. I was not preparing my board meetings anymore, as I was just so tired. My heart was not in a great condition and I had multiple physical problems. Via a close friend Catheleyne was recommended and from the moment I met her, I completely trusted her with everything in my life. Now, I feel I am back on track, feel energised, motivated, sleep well, am prepared and my heart and rest of my body are in good condition again. I decided to keep on working with Catheleyne on a monthly basis, as I realised more than ever that I need this to stay happy, healthy and be not only a great CEO for my people but a great husband and father as well. Thank you, Catheleyne."


CEO Dutch Financial Institution

Thinking Man on Couch

Personal Performance Mastering

"I got fired just before COVID hit. I was actually happy to take some time for myself but after a year, I couldn't find a job and I was constantly rejected in the application process. I felt very insecure and my marriage - as a result of the pressure to find a job and financially support my family - was not working well. A close friend heard of Catheleyne and it felt immediately so safe when discussing my problems with her. I actually asked her if she could arrange a job for me and she smiled and said "let's go for that." Now, I feel secure, I feel I am in charge and my wife and I are closer than ever and the fun part is "I have a job and it is actually what I always wanted. You came through, Catheleyne - very professional and you do such important work. Thank you."





"Catheleyne is a very sociable and likeable person. She possesses a great sense of humor and is impressive as a speaker. It is very obvious that she enjoys presenting in public and she is very capable of keeping the attention of her audience with a balanced combination of wit and charm. She knows what she is talking about."


Robert - MD Multi-Family Offic



"Eye-opening session for me and my colleagues. We are rarely exposed to opportunities which help us understand how we can improve ourselves in a world where AI and RPA are starting to become a reality in our day to day lives. 
The people in the room and on the call left the session energized and ready to approach their day to day in a different way!"


Diversity&Inclusion Lead Europe

Business Meeting

Executive Performance Mastering

"Catheleyne has been such a great inspirator and master to me. She helps me become my best self, which I have use of in my personal and business life."


Managing Director Europe


Sports Performance Mastering

" Catheleyne and I have been working together on many occasions. She has been my personal coach and also now coaching my golf team. She gave us a lot of background information and practical tools which helped us develop a stronger state of mind. As always within a team, there are many different characters. Catheleyne managed to deal with all of them very well and made sure that the coachings were valuable for each of the team members. I am so grateful for her enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience as a result of which we have been able to improve our overall state of mind during training and in the golf game."

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-04 om 12.46.12.

Former Player Dutch National Women's Golf Team

Young Family

Personal Performance Mastering

"After a careful intake, Catheleyne helped me make a decision in the subsequent coaching session. It concludes that from now on I will speak up about everything and that by the next session I would “be completely rid of stuttering”. I have lived as a stutterer for over 40 years and have gone through many therapies. Now, three months after the first session, my decision is anchored, the color of my voice has changed, and I can easily slip over words that I stumbled on before."Fluent speaking" is the path my brain is now following "; the trajectory of “stuttering speaking” is interrupted. You can imagine how grateful I am; without Catheleyne's guidance, tools, and involvement, I would not have been able to fulfill this great wish that I had as a child. 1000x thanks!"



Online Meeting

Online workshop

"I met Catheleyne in a workshop organised for students where we did not only gain insights on the working of our brain and heart and why we all felt so unmotivated, depressed and tired during this lockdown, but we also learned techniques to apply in our daily life to stay healthy, happy, motivated. I applied all the techniques and Catheleyne, I must say "you pulled it off for me and my friends". We don't like the lockdowns, but we are positive, motivated, happy and feel healthy to make the best of it. Thank you!"


Student Tu Delft

Zoom Lectures 2020_edited.jpg

Digital lecture

""Catheleyne is a woman who can glue a smile to everyone's faces with her powerful, pure, from the heart message. She really makes you change your perspective on things. Opens your eyes and see the world from a different perspective. She really can make the audience feel that anything that you believe in and fight for is possible. You will leave the room feeling different. For good. Feeling energised. Feeling hope and illusions and strength. She is one of these rare gifts that happen every now ad then and let you see all the Beaty around you and make you feel proud of being a human being. 


Feminin Pluriel



"Beautiful presentation, a blessing that you do this for all of us." - "Thank you very much for a wonderful lecture, very helpful for students and us as parents." - "Really grateful for this session and the open dialogue, thank you."


Parents from ISH

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