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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Most people think they are not in stress. In general, it is thought that a person in stress is when they have a lot of work to do, or are experiencing stress from being stuck in traffic.

Though, it is a scientific fact that the stress response already switches on with negative thinking alone.

People have on average 70,000 - 90,000 thoughts a day. This is called the Default Mode Network. 75% of these thoughts are negative. Thoughts like "I have to, I must, I am afraid to, I believe I can't do this". These are all perceived as pressure, danger, stress by the brain.

This negative circuitry has a profound negative effect on your mental and physical health. Negative thinking alone switches on the stress response. The brain and body move to a state of fight and flight.

The stress response is actually not meant for that. The fight and flight response should switch on when there is REAL danger. Long term stress is literally killing you, as you will see from the overview below.

Knowing that people in general have the stress response on during the day, and most people already start the day with negative thinking, it is not surprisingly that so many people are struggling with their mental and physical health. This again has a negative impact on their feeling of happiness. Aside of having the stress response on by allowing this negative thinking, you also train your brain for that outcome. You are fixed in this loop (fixed mindset).

The more you practice something, either physically (cycling) or mentally (thinking), the better you become at it. So, when you think on average that you can't do that certain task, don't be surprised that you will never ever become good at it. Of course, it can be frustrating, but you have a brain and that brain gives you the opportunity to choose differently. You can choose to stop that negative thinking.

If you want to learn how you can stop this negative thinking in a natural way, please reach out to me and see how I can help reverse this negative state of you in the interest of your own physical and mental health and feeling of happiness.

The natural state of a human is homeostasis, growth mindset, balance state. In that state, the natural healing state is on. Applying the right scientifically proven strategies that work on the core, make you switch naturally to a state of balance.

How valuable is your health to you? In which state are you?

Warm regards, Catheleyne

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