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Performance Mastering

Cutting-edge solutions

Most athletes are unconsciously in stress, which has a negative effect on their performance, e.g. losing their performance on the last day. During the Quantum Performance Mastering, I help you become in a state of peak performance coming from balance with instant and lasting positive effects.

Performance Mastering: News and Tips

Health and Wellness

Scientifically proven and unique solutions for remaining in an optimal state of health and well-being.
Homeostasis is the state of a human being to perform, remain in good health, recover quickly from peak performance moments, travelling frequently and being able to be in good shape for the trainings and matches.

Mental Health

In such a competitive world with a greater volume and intensity of trainings and matches, it is vital to nurture and protect the overall mental health of athletes in order to be able to peak in performance. Understanding the risk factors for enduring specific deficiencies in performance allows me to minimise this impact and contribute to individual and team performances.

Focus Principles

The scientifically proven principles set a framework for athletes for direction within their busy schedule of training and matches.

Intuitive and Energy Based Balance

Einstein said "everything is energy". This scientifically proven quantum approach construct the performance of an athlete around his/her own energy and using this energy and intuition for peak performance and results.

Golf Course Aerial Shot

“The golf swing is a true measure of who we are (or aren't) in the moment. Learning to be present (or in the Flow) is a skill unto itself. Learning how to get yourself in that state reveals the true inner genius we all have within us. No matter how many angles or positions you have learned in golf, you cannot escape that it is a motion only performed well with fluidity, grace, and rhythm. Being in sync with your golf swing is like being the creator of the motion and like actually riding the motion at the same time - like an expert surfer rides a wave... To ultimately reach your full potential for learning, performance, and enjoyment, all golfers must find and surrender to their inner genius."

Dan Martin, Director of Golf

Performance Mastering: Quote

"Catheleyne Everwijn is a sharp and effective coach who focuses on achieving concrete, solid results with her clients through clear strategies and practical tools that she provides. 
I was allowed to play in the National Women's Golf Team for five years and I became Dutch Champion twice. Nevertheless, in recent years I have struggled to finish a match.
I often used my own mindset method, but I still missed that point on the "i" to win regular competitions and important majors. I received tips from several coaches, of which I only use some, but I didn't learn that missing point on the "i" from any coach. Until I came across Catheleyne and she gave me a number of very valuable and especially practically applicable tips / tools within 1 session. They came to me immediately. I immediately applied them fully to the two important competitions in the following weeks.
And “bang": both games I played incredibly well and I won the games big. I am very grateful to her for her coaching and can recommend every top athlete to start a coaching process with her.”

Former top golf player and player within the National Women's Golf Team

Performance Mastering: Testimonials
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