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In this unprecedented time of rapid digital transformation in combination with the COVID-situation, people around the globe are struggling with their mental and physical health.  During my lectures I share not only insights from a behavioural science perspective, but more importantly provide solutions how to deal with current challenges in the light of human well-being and how to accelerate business performance. Bookings can be made directly or via Speakers Academy. 

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Personal Mastering

Life throws many challenges at us. Challenges we haven't been trained on during our years at school. During the Quantum Personal Mastering we solve the elements that block you from living a happy, healthy and meaningful life.


Business Mastering

Business life can be perceived as hard work with a lot of pressure. It doesn't have to be that way. It is a choice, I help you with.

A state of balance delivers optimal output.

I train not only high performers to cope with the demands of the job and to perform optimally in challenging environments, but more importantly I work with teams so that they perform at their best level, taken into account elements like engagement, corporate culture, inclusion and diversity.

My Services: Services
Tennis Serve

Performance Mastering

The basis for peak performance is when the brain, heart, and body are in balance.

A state of balance leads already by itself to optimal performance.

I work with the International top in multiple sports disciplines and 

offer athletes quick, lasting, and solid solutions to their performance problems. 

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Speaker & Public Engagement

A big part of my mission involves public engagement. I welcome the opportunity to share my know-how, ideas, and experiences with the broader business community, colleges and universities, and policymakers, as well as organizations working to implement the right and lasting solutions to the digital transitional challenges, stress challenges to humans, and performance challenges from athletes performing on the highest sports level

To help me make the most informed decision about your request to speak at your event, class, or conference, please contact me directly or via Speakers Academy.

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