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You are your only limit.


Quantum Performance Coach

I work with high-performance professionals and international athletes to get the best out of their performance.


A brain in balance is the foundation for optimal performance, mental and physical health.

I bring not only knowledge, guidance, and inspiration, but more importantly solutions. Practical and lasting solutions based on the latest insights in neuroscience and quantum physics, which is at the core of our being.

My mission

In a rapidly changing world where over 30% of the world's population lives in solitude, where over 30% of the population suffers from stress-related disorders, where people in businesses feel insecure about their future within the current digital revolution, The Digital Revolution is about technology, but the transformation is about people and motivating teams to change their state of mind, body, and energy.

I aim with my know-how and experience in the field of neuro-science and quantum physics to make life easier for people. Instead of living a limited life, I help people living a healthy, happy and meaningful life where people feel engaged and can contribute to a better sustainable world for current and future generations.

Staying true to my core values helps me pursue my mission. My values reflect my inner wisdom, being integrity, quality, trust and compassion.

Why work with me

  • I solve a problem by working on the core, NOT on symptom relief.

  • I offer quick, solid, and lasting results.

  • I am straightforward, fair, empathic and an expert in this field.

  • I am an experienced expert. Please read my full story here.

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