You are your only limit.

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Quantum Performance Master

I work with high-performance professionals and international athletes to get the best out of their performance.


A brain in balance is the foundation for optimal performance, mental and physical health.

I bring not only knowledge, guidance, and inspiration, but more importantly solutions. Practical and lasting solutions based on the latest insights in neuroscience and quantum physics, which is at the core of our being.

My mission

In a rapidly changing world where over 30% of the world's population lives in solitude, where over 30% of the population suffers from stress-related disorders, where people in businesses feel insecure about their future within the current digital revolution, The Digital Revolution is about technology, but the transformation is about people and motivating teams to change their state of mind, body, and energy.

Why work with me

  • I solve a problem by working on the core, NOT on symptom relief.

  • I offer quick, solid, and lasting results.

  • I am straightforward, fair, empathic and an expert in this field.

  • I am an experienced expert. Please read my full story here.


Performance Mastering

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A year from now, you will wish you started today.

Money you can get back, time not.


"Having hit a crossroads in both my personal and professional life, I decided to consult with Catheleyne. Her energy and positive outlook on life are infectious and have greatly helped me in breaking old, bad routines and building a new outlook, helping me to become my best self."

Marketing Director - Nike

"Catheleyne is, without doubt, a special  human being. 
Her way to tell her listeners “think big”, her wonderful and incredible (almost magical!!) empathy, she can have us under her spell. 
You will leave the room feeling different. For good. Feeling energized. Feeling hope and illusions and strength. 
She is one of these rare gifts that happen every now and then and let you see all the beauty around you and make you feel proud of being a human being. 

She makes a difference." 

Feminin Pluriel Amsterdam

Just off the session, I must admit absolutely amazing learning experience and a lot of take-away’s both professionally and personally.
Big recommendation for everyone!

Genpact - VP Biz Dev Nordics